Thursday, February 18, 2016

a new home

I moved from the CapitolHill neighborhood of Seattle to Tukwila.  The new place is amazing, but I traded a great dungeon for great parking.

It's taken a while to setup and feel comfortable in the space.

I miss the hard points in the ceiling of the old dungeon.  As a temporary workaround I ordered a sling stand from FortTroff.  This was a late night purchase; it turned out that SoundsFun had separately ordered a similar sling stand the same evening.  He canceled his order.  OffTopic: the new FortTroff sling stand seems safer than other versions.  The diamond shape to the center points seem to eliminate single points of failure in other sling stand designs.  I'm pleased.

We had worked up to a full scene.  We had a small party.  There was play.  But it was light. 
Last night we had our first significant play-date.

The boy had an intense rubber fetish.  So spent the evening dressed from head to toe in rubber.  The bondage was performed in ways to not damage the rubber.

At various fetish events I've gotten to play with boys in rubber.  Ropework does seem to work on top of rubber with a couple conditions.  Synthetic rope doesn't shed fibers.  If the ropes are placed at their final tightness it doesn't pull and tear the rubber.  It's a bit more work, but brilliant white rope looks really good on black rubber.  Somehow I've gotten off the topic of last night...

The workout bench is a comfortable form of bondage for me.  I enjoy working with this.  Chaining limbs together makes tugs on one restraint reinforce the bondage on other limbs.  This makes me happy.  While in this position the boy mentioned that he hadn't cum for four days.  We edged him to about three strokes away from orgasm a couple times.

He had sensitive nipples.  Openings in the rubber suit provided access.

boy in rubber chained to workout bench
After a while we moved him to the spanking bench.  (The spanking bench came from bdgSales while they were still doing work.  I miss them.  I've wanted to shave ~2 inches from the bottom of the bench to make it more appropriate for my height, but don't want to risk damaging one of the last benches they produced.)

We played with his butt.  He sucked our dicks.

There was an electro butt plug.  It was initially used as just an insertable.  Then it was vibrated with a Hitachi wand.  SoundsFun used the butt plug with an E-stim box.

The boy made good noises

boy strapped to spanking bench
FortTroff sling stand in the background.
Then we moved him to the cage.  A heavy steel collar was fitted onto his neck.  Humane restraints connected his limbs to the sides of the cage.  And the venus2000 was attached to his dick.  He was close to cumming when he was placed in the cage.  A slow stroke from the machine kept him hard and attentive.  I slowly increased the intensity while keeping him below the level of cumming.  At first he just moaned.  Then he started to beg.  Then he started to whimper.  Then he earnestly begged.  He earnestly begged to be made to cum.

The venus2000 can be a bit like a Chinese water torture. The edging torture could have worked a little bit better with a little less human contact to focus the attention more intently on the penis.

This earnest begging was what I was listening for.  There's nothing like it.  It's raw and powerful and beautiful.  It's intoxicating.

He was brought to a wet orgasm that caused convulsions up and down his body.

I was proud of our work.

boy chained to sides and back of cage

Thursday, January 30, 2014

bedroom play

SoundsFun and I tried having sex in the bedroom.

There have been some good orgasms.  This was the first that was captured in HD.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

porn and sex

Home porno video is more difficult to capture than the stills I had been taking.

I got a fisheye video camera.  I posted notice outside dungeon the and large notice outside the door to the house.

It turns out that I get really turned on by watching these home movies of my play.

In December I came home from the gym while SoundsFun was having good sex.  A while later he shared the video of the encounter.  A while after that he gave a narrative of what happened while we were watched the video. 
Still frame of the video of SoundsFun's good sex. (bottom's face is blurred for privacy)
This got me excited.

I was amazed at how much like actual porn the encounter looked.  And some of the things that I had seen in porn made sense for the first time. 
SoundsFun described the reasons involving sexual methodology to explain some of the body positioning that I had previously assumed was for the camera.  Some of the toy use finally made sense.

And that led me on an unexpected journey.

I've spent some time working to get slightly larger things, including SoundsFun's 9.5" penis into my ass.

For several of these we took video for quality assurance and training purposes.

Some of the video has turned out spectacularly well. 

We started out repeating some of the good sex that started the journey.
soundsFun fucks happyfrosh in the sling

But it also became clear that we should also involve some play outside the dungeon.
SoundsFun and happyfrosh


This has required a bit of role re-evaluation.  Topping bondage while bottoming for sex is awkward but fun.
A very large butt plug and chains and restraints made this experience memorable.
soundsFun used as a fuckstick by happyfrosh

Some has involved fairly vanilla sex in the dungeon using dungeon style equipment.  I'm not really sure if this counts as kinky sex.
SoundsFun fucks happyfrosh on the spanking bench

happyfrosh fucks SoundsFun on the spanking bench

frame capture from happyfrosh and soundsFun first high-def video
The journey will continue.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two tops and a bottom walk into a dungeon

The holidays bring a lot of new people into town.  From places that I seldom get to visit.
A nice man from NewYork hit me up on Scruff from a profile mentioning leather.  A couple messages back and forth and we found each other on recon.  I realized that he had also contacted soundsFun.  So I set up some play for the three of us together.
I studied the pics on his recon profile and tried to look for types of play that weren't in the pics.  Given a described interest in "Cbt, nipple play, spanking, ass play, poppers, edging, oral, getting fucked, groups..." I had enough wiggle room to play some of it by ear.
Negotiation made it clear that actual sex had been involved in his favorite BDSM experiences.
Play started on the floor with some handcuffs.
Play continued with some chain floor bondage with some light sexual touching.

This moved into a rope suspension in the chair position.  There was some light sexual touching and a few insertable toys. 
On a side note, recent conversations with straight rope enthusiasts have made it clear that gay anal sex in rope bondage is more difficult than straight vaginal sex in rope bondage.
I put the boy into storage by simply connecting his wrists to a wall hard point.  As I left the boy alone as soundsFun and I restaged the dungeon he kept looking up at me searching for approval. 
We staged the lacing table in the center of the room and the bondage stool at the front edge.
Some fucking happened in preparation for a large electro butt plug being inserted into his ass.
We moved him onto the lacing table with the large butt plug still inside him, and hooked him up to an ErosTek.
The lacing table is hung from the ceiling with chains and shockles.  It gives a very comfortable floating feeling.  It allowed the table to sink slightly as we took turns climbing onto the table to straddle the boy's face.

The boy came to a powerful orgasm.
It had been a while since soundsFun and I had shared a bottom.  We read each other well and the play is quite smooth.  This scene we quite intentionally took turns leading and following each other.  We would do light cleaning passes through the dungeon and so all of the play felt polished.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

small spreader bar to the floor

I saw some interesting bondage photos on tumblr.
I've had some good luck improvising with my current equipment to recreate photos I like.
For this one I used my small spreader bar.  The small spreader bar is really great for things like the sleepsack suspensions.  In that way I feel like I've gotten my value from this piece of equipment.  Any additional uses is bonus.
Restraining the wrists and ankles to the small spreader bar and connecting this to a floor point standing but bent over worked and seemed very fuckable.

I asked him to lower himself to the floor.  The position was again fuckable.  I was a little disappointed that there was enough slack for him to touch his cock. 
Attaching his neck to a floor point removed all of the slack in the system.  A small enough padlock connecting the eyebolt to the collar made me confident that the eyebolt itself wouldn't dig into his flesh.

I will be back here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

blowjob video

Before we met a boy volunteered that he'd like me to take photos and video.  I've never really taken video.  My first attempt left something to be desired.

The video quality isn't great, but still it got me all sorts of excited. The boy got excited watching the video too. 

Despite the poor video quality I'm going to share it.  The part of the scene that it captures was magical. 

The boy is doing a great job sucking my cock.  I pull him off my cock.  A handful of strokes.  I ask him whether he wants my cum.  The boy says "yes, Sir".  I guide him by the shoulder back onto my cock.  I press the center of his back as I cum down his throat.  The boy comes up to say "thank you, Sir".  I tuck my thumb under his collar to guide him back to my dick.  Afterwards I tell the boy to roll onto his back and relax.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I had a great time at Delta2013.  It was great to see this very kinky group of friends.

I had some interesting scenes planned out without knowing who the other party was.  In previous years I had done some very nice rope suspension bondage.  I haven't been doing as much rope bondage recently.  This made some negotiation a little more difficult.

The rope bondage that I did the first evening was a bit sloppy.  I attached one of the main uplines to the wrong ring of the spreader bar.  Retying would have been awkward.  I never got the balance right afterwards.  It was visually interesting, but a lot more strenuous than it could have been on the bottom.

But I felt that I redeemed myself the first morning with the horizontal chain suspension on codyTx.  I managed to have the scene evolve from a simple set of manacles into a beautiful elaborate mid-air edging scene.


This year was temperature hot and I topped most of my scenes dressed just in underwear and barefoot.  I was dripping sweat by the time I finished the staging and the scene started.  By the end of the chain suspension scene my sweat had pooled into a puddle in the middle of his back.

I bottomed for a wonderful rope scene.

There was a cute young boy wandering around in chastity.  His friends pushed him to a scene with me, expecting something rope.  I felt that I did something much much better.  The boy was delivered without chastity, but had been instructed by his dominant not to cum, and was told that he would be punished if he did.  I started out with some very simple chain work.  As he neared orgasm the first time I reminded him that he had restriction on his orgasm, and that he would be punished if he came, but that I would not be punished.
He initially wasn't interested in actual sex.  In previous years actual sex had been rare throughout the event. I sorta wanted the shock value and vulnerability of actual sex in the main dungeon.
I incorporated an electro butt plug.  I used the electro well below the threshold of pain.  I got the boy aroused and close enough to orgasm often enough that I coaxed him to very publicly beg to be fucked.
It was awesome.  I think that it will be the emblematic scene for his delta.


I made a serious mistake during another scene.  In the center of the room I needed AC power.  I used an extension cord to a wall outlet.  I didn't realize until it was too late that the extension cord ended up running through a different scene.  And created a trip hazard.  I realized afterwards that the trip hazard was probably the most dangerous thing in the dungeon at the time.  I got away with it.  Nobody tripped. 

After a cocktail party I did a very mild finger bondage.  I did good work.

I did a very nice belt suspension.  I've been liking belts for bondage.

I brought about 100lbs of gear in my checked luggage.  And therefore had to squeeze all of my clothes into my carry-on luggage.  I started by planning out a number of fun scenes and packing the gear for them.
Many of my favorite scenes use very different sets of gear.  This gave luggage that was too heavy to be manageable.  Next time I really need to plan a common and lightweight set of gear and then plan scenes around this more limited set of gear.

I had a wonderful trip.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where I'm at

It's been a rough couple months.

I feel like I see a transition in my play from bondage to dominance.  I'd like to see how this plays out.
But it's more difficult to capture good photos.

Work sorta sucked for a while.  I am learning to manage ambiguity.  And a dotted-line manager.  (on the bright side, the ambiguity bits are unlikely to impact my performance review).

I've done a couple really fantastic scenes that have very few photos.

There was a boy who wanted a humiliation scene.  The guy got shaved.  And left the house with my cum still sticky on his chest.

There was a submissive who wanted deep patterned responses.  Who (with guided training) begged for cock better than I'd ever seen.

I know what I can do, but I'm not so clear on what I want. 

I've been trolling straight porn again (I'm very gay).  This type of activity happens when I need a form of escape. 

I don't have a membership anymore.  When I did I hardly ever looked at the video, but I would study the photos intently.  So my vision is a little more focused.

But the submission shown in the shoot:
is amazing.  The things shown in the pictures are what I strive for in a dominance scene.

A lot of the bondage images in another scene feel like some of my favorite things translated to a straight audience.

I've never seen the videos.  But the photos come very close to something that I hold dear.  An intimate BDSM relationship.
About the only photo that ruined this fantasy for me was the zapper.  Which I consider a wonderful tool for a different scene.

Another video showed beautiful, technically accurate bondage (I think I recognize the top's style).
And a hot guy with a nice dick.

Another scene showed something new and exciting.  Bamboo bridged over the bedframe.  Seems both practical and usable.

A number of bits of device bondage are compelling.  I will revisit when time allows.

I want to try out my new inspiration...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the pup's face pic

The phrasing that I use before play is: "What pictures may I take? What pictures may I post?"

Most people are okay with me taking any photos.  Some people ask that their face not be posted.  Some people ask that identifiable tattoos not be posted. 

I try really hard not to add any pressure to any answer to these questions. 
Mostly I work within these bounds.

Occasionally I capture a perfect picture that falls outside these negotiated bounds.  And I need to follow up with special requests of the boy.

I think that mostly people are afraid of sketchy seedy incriminating looking photos.  Mostly when I follow up with special requests and show the photos that I want to post, the subjects are delighted to see these special photos get distributed. 

Tonight I got permission to post one of these special request photos.  To me this photo captures everything that is right and good about bondage.

pup in gear bondage

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The villian's monologue

There's a well-established motif in James Bond movies.  The hero is helpless.  The protagonist tries halfheartedly to parry verbally.

I was finishing up a scene.  The very end of the main portion was coming to a close with my cuming all over his back in a spread-eagle positioned.  I realized that he was comfortable but feeling awkward and that this was as perfect as can be imagined.

I lowered the lights in the dungeon to ceiling mounted spotlights, and I left the room.  I came back into the room with a beverage.  I quietly sat down with my legs spread to give his face a good view of my crotch, leaning against the wall mirror.

I was firm in controlling the conversation.  Much of what I said was plausible but a little ridiculous.  I talked about the identification of the Kübler-Ross model for stages of grieving as applied to scenes. But it was stuff that I could talk about fluidly and confidently.

All of this took place with my cum slowly dripping off of his back.

It was my first time trying the James Bond Villain Monologue and I thought it went well.

prone boy, almost ready for monologue

Saturday, July 20, 2013

public pup vs private pup

I had played with the pup publicly a couple times, at gatherings organized by friends.

Public play allows for safety for both the top and bottom.  (If things go off the rails, people will step in.)  But public play is also exciting.  Part of the thrill is being on display.  For the bottom this means a measure of vulnerability to the gathering. 

I don't expect or want an audience to be passive.  I expect the boy to be groped.  I expect the boy to be harassed.  I expect the boy to feel the surrounding people as part of the scene.

When a boy is left in bondage he will test the bonds every few minutes to confirm that they are still there.  The gropes and snide comments emphasize and reinforce vulnerability in the same way, and so therefore reinforce the scene.

"Don't break the scene." is a motto and a tenet of the BDSM community.  Sometimes the audience is part of the scene, sometimes not.  Scenes can get broken by the audience.

The most common measure of the instantaneous status of the scene is the hardness of the bottom's dick.  A change point from a hard dick to flaccid could indicate a break of the scene.

Which makes me sad.  My dick seldom gets hard when I bottom for fantastic bondage. (topping is another matter)

Anyways...  After two session of public play, the pup came over for private play.  Without a group present I was able to get deeper into his head space.  I was able to read his body language more clearly under brighter light.  My group play with this same pup is some of the highlights of my year, but the private play is what I believe he'll think back to.

Some of the public bondage was pretty spectacular.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

partial suspension inside the tiger cage

I was at the home of MasterZ for the July 4th celebration. 

There were three beautiful cages in use.  There is the former drunk tank from a police station.  We made good use of a standing cage.  There's also a tiger cage. 

Exactly one year before we had put a pair of naked boys restrained naked into the tiger cage.  Revisiting this equipment seemed to have symmetry.

I felt like I hadn't been doing enough with rope recently.  So I had brought a bag full of 30ft regatta braid synthetic rope. 

SoundsFun tied the chest harness.  We tied thigh harness and ankle cuffs.  His chest was tied to the top of the cage.  His ankles thighs and hips were tied to the upper sides of the cage.  His hands were tied to the vertical bars of the cage. 

We used MasterZ's Fun Factory Stronic Eins (sold by Fort Troff under the name Stronic Fucker).  I stroked him to orgasm.  As he got close to cumming his legs tensed up and pulled further off the ground.

The synthetic rope is thinner than the 8mil hemp that I usually use.  This made the chest harness dig in a little more than I like. More wraps around the chest would have made this better.

A friend made the brilliant criticism that the boy should have been backed into the cage to allow for better access to his ass and more room for his head.  With this and by adding an additional wrap in the climbing loops it probably would have allowed enough room to pull him into a full suspension.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

furry and non-furry bondage

I had a furry over to play.  The furries (fur-suiters) have an odd reputation in Seattle.  They have a reputation for intense and enthusiastic play.  My observation has been that they go from mild sensual play very quickly to extremely intense play with little observable transition. 

But without exception the furries are passionate.  And that makes them fun to be around.

A couple months back I got to play with a furry at a party.  I ended up faithfully recreating the bondage from a cartoon onto the fur-suited boy.  It worked surprisingly well.

This gave me enough credibility to get play with another furry at a different party.  I did some fun rope bondage.

This eventually led to the furry being out of his suit in my dungeon. 

I took the easy path: and looked for things where he had little experience, and I had a lot of experience. So I did things involving him naked and my using gear.

I applied handcuffs upstairs. 

Recently when I've asked boys to put on handcuffs, the boys have verified the locks before placing the handcuffs on themselves.  This seems to be a new development.  It will require further investigation.

Downstairs I switched to restraints.  I attached a locking cock ring onto his balls.  This was first attached to a floor hard point, but later attached to his ankles.


I intentionally restrained him in ways that would be escapable if he could only stand up; knowing that his balls attached to his ankles prevented him from doing so.

I bent him over the wedge pillow.


From previous interactions I knew that his ass was central to his sexual experience.  I tried to be attentive to his ass.

I realized that his balls were a limited commodity.  And so needed to be free sooner rather than later.  So I removed the bondage cock-ring and spread his legs into a spread eagle, which worked surprisingly well with the wedge pillow.

This was really good for my dick. 

I had seen a particular position in a number of scenes, and needed to try it.

Against a wall with arms restrained down and legs restrained upwards is visually stunning.  But seems difficult to make actual sex work.  The parts just don't seem to line up right, and was difficult on my knees.  With some difficulty I made it work. 

Everybody came lots.

Afterwards I had a minor disappointment:  I normally ask about what went well, and what could have gone better; I think he might have been lying to spare my feelings about what could have gone better.  I know that my performance is never going to be perfect.  And I expect that the bottom will spend time naval gazing during the experience, and will have a clear idea of what was wrong.  Since I didn't believe that the play was perfect, him telling me that there wasn't anything that he could think of that could have gone better made me wary of _all_ of his feedback.  I know this is problematic, but I'd prefer that the top and bottom agree on a narrative of the scene, and this didn't happen.

Despite the lack of a consistent narrative this is one of my best scenes this calendar year.