Wednesday, March 27, 2024

First takes on video editing

Video editing has been difficult for me. 

I come from a background in still photography.  I have usually had the ability to select the one mostly perfect shot from a variety of possibilities, and then perform light editing to individual perfection.

With video, it has seemed much more like a set of tradeoffs.  With video, it’s necessary to not only have beauty, but beauty in relation to other camera angles and cameras.

The storytelling needs to be more explicit.  With connections between shots needing at least token smoothness.

One thing that has been frustrating to me is that I seem to get zero feedback at all.  Nope - none at all. Inside my head I assume that some set of viewers are perfectly satisfied, have edged through the scene and come to a glorious orgasm in perfect synchronicity with the climax of the video.  And some other set of viewers are so disappointed that they immediately stop watching and unfollow me on Twitter. Both yielding silence from my perspective.

What follows is a cry for help in the form of a request for constructive feedback.

I’m going to talk about the editorial decisions of full videos, but mostly talk about cutting full videos down to previews.

The first video edit I made was for the BDSM sleepsack CBT scene.  

It’s way too long.  The full video is about 3 times too long.  

Most of the edits to the full video were removing dialog.  In a private scene I will talk a bunch. Sometimes reassuring, sometimes intentionally aggressive. But in a public scene this will be replaced with a wide variety of stern glances. 

I tried digital zoom for a repeat of the cumshot with limited success. I am used to still photography with a variety of high end mirrorless cameras with high quality lenses.  With my still photography equipment, I have gotten quite good 11”x17” prints from a 1° field of view. It is unreasonable to expect this absurd quality from a $200 GoPro camera, designed to go through a rainstorm at 80mph, mounted atop a motorcycle helmet. While it passes the squint test, the quality is unsatisfying after a full render.

I thought I did a good job.  Muscle_dog was polite, and basically let me learn the lessons on my own.  I realized later how unpolished this video looked.

Very early in our courtship, @HungArabDad gave permission for me to take video of our sex.  Most of these videos only got watched once or twice before being filed away.  These raw videos were a really great resource starting to learn video editing.

For my first fuck video edit, I first created an edit of the video without cuts, then added cuts to make a smoother narrative.  It was okay.  I had two different views of a good fuck.  These different views combined to form a stronger narrative.

When it came time to edit this down to a preview, I made a couple of mistakes that I now recognize. The first mistake is that the preview was a summary of the scene rather than a teaser.  The two will differ in which moment of focused on; a teaser will focus on rising action, the summary will focus on the climax. A teaser makes you want to see the full movie. A summary makes you almost feel that have already seen the full movie. 

I also got the pacing of the preview wrong.  

I started work on a newly shot video of an outdoor blowjob.  This had new challenges and therefore new lessons.  The blowjob video was poorly framed.  The action seemed to wander onscreen in distracting ways.  Manually stabilizing and reframing the raw video made it much more watchable.

I tried the same techniques on a single camera fuck video.  My attempt at stabilization was taken too far, and became confusing.  But the feeling I got was under-damped noise, telling me that the attempt to stabilize had been taken too far.  Reducing the camera pans and zooms made the world better.

I did a bunch better with the preview. And produced something that I was happy with.  @HungArabDad insisted that the preview needed to be still shorter.  So I went back and tightened it further.  That did make things better. For ease of editing, I had cut the preview together from similar length sections, and this created a beat that was compelling and made everything feel intentional. The regular beats followed by the longer hold at the end of the preview reminds me of an orgasm after stroking a cock.

The next single camera fuck video was easier.  Pans didn’t work as well as I had expected.  I went back and  made all of the pan/zooms gentler and slower.  But using any zoom at all, in particular for after the cumshots, revealed underlying deficiencies in the original video quality.

A flip fuck from during IBC 2024 had two cameras, an iPhone15Pro, and a GoPro11. These cameras were set up quickly. - stand lamp was pretty central in the view of the iPhone. This created lens flares that simply had to be tolerated. Lots of action happened outside the frame of the iPhone. The very wide angle view of the GoPro gave the opposite problem that action was almost always in a very small portion of the frame, needing digital zoom to be useful, despite the quality problems that created. 

But the flip fuck from IBC was the first time I got the multi-camera editing working within Adobe Premiere. In contrast to all of the online tutorials, automatic synchronization of multiple cameras using the audio track has never worked for me. I have been left manually synchronizing and then copying timecode offset information into new sequences. 

I watched all of the sequences, making notes of which cameras I thought had fun or useful footage. I then created a sequence from the multicam selecting the camera based on a smoothed version of my notes. This gave a 23 minute video, that selected camera, but had no missing time. (I didn't post the uncut video to my JFF page, but did post it to my JFF store.)

I then worked to cut the 23 minute long video down to a good duration. A fiend JesseColtSoCal gave useful advice that 15 minutes was a good maximum length for a JFF update. I struggled mightily to cut down to 15 minutes

Sex by its nature is repetitive within a scene; Fucking more so. I had a number of ideas of where to cut. I thought about removing transitions between sexual positions. I thought about removing repetition in strokes, head bobs, and thrusts. I thought about removing entire positions and acts. I ended up using a combination of all of these strategies. Maybe not as coherently as I had hoped. 

Then I started looking at porn video from my GoPro 360° VR camera. I had forgotten about some of this footage, and rediscovering it felt like Valentine’s Day, birthday, and Christmas all swirled together.

I am still trying to figure out how to make the underlying VR footage available in a useful manner on JFF. But in the meantime I can create flat views for use in videos. (After stitching the 360 video together into a giant 360, converting this to a cubic projection, then selecting direction and zoom for rectilinear projection in Premiere. Yeah, that is a lot of steps.)  

This VR footage was included in another fuck with a two usable camera angles.  One pointed at faces during the scene, the other made to point straight down.  Instead of spending my time editing down the video, I decided to leave it as an uncut split screen of the front and top views. 

I spent my time instead on transcribing the video. I may have taken this a little too far, trying to align every grunt and verbalization. The transcript definitely has value, but not enough value for the amount of time that it took. I should have concentrated more on stage direction (closed captions vs subtitles), but there doesn’t seem to be good support for these in Premiere. 

A friend, JesseColtSoCal, gave constructive criticism. He said I needed to clean up the background of shots more. He suggested that split screen should be reserved for important events like cumshot. I absolutely agree with the first. I think he’s probably right on the 2nd. 

But his feedback didn’t arrive until minutes after I had publicly posted to JFF and Twitter, so I couldn’t incorporate his feedback. But the criticism had real value to me, both in what was said and what wasn’t. 

He hadn’t noticed a section of the video where I had addressed a siren from a fire engine by completely replacing the audio with a collage of audio from other parts of the video.  (From 2:18 until 2:53)

I did a better job with the Twitter preview of this video. I kept the cuts to the beat. I identified the sex acts that didn’t further the narrative and one rimming shot was pulled out of order from the fucking in order to make the narrative flow better. I understood that for a preview, a snippet of the audio from the cumshot was better than including video. 

I later discovered mistakes.  One painful mistake was the difference between “scale to fit” and “set to fit” in Adobe Premiere.  The first turns out to resample the image, the second one carries the full resolution. This showed up as blurry video when digital zooming during editing.  Somebody wrote to say that we should shift to better camera equipment. After discovering my mistake, I fixed it in all of my videos going back.  But I can’t fix some of the videos without changing the order in the feed, or breaking links from Twitter.

My editing work is very clearly improving.  But it’s still a work in progress.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

CBT in sleep sack with gas mask

I met @Muscle_dog at a party “Saüsagefest” that I threw with @HungArabDad during Summer2023. Muscle_dog and I talked about the possibility of play.  

After @Muscle_dog talked on Twitter about enjoying ErosTek, I approached him about a muscle-stimulation electro scene.

But that started the conversation about other play.  @Muscle_dog had noticed my sleep sack and lacing table. And we negotiated. And met up. 

We started with the sleep sack for the agreed edging and CBT scene.

I asked @Muscle_dog to put handcuffs on himself.  For years this has been a ritual to make sure that this is really a consensual bondage scene.  

The handcuffs needed to come off to get @Muscle_dog’s arms into the sleep sack.  

Gas masks were discussed as being a fetish. I liked this idea both as a way to create a feeling of confinement, and a part of compelling visuals. 

Ropes tightened the sleep sack.  Chains were added to increase the pressure of the sleep sack, and to prevent attempts at rolling or bending hips or knees. 

I unzipped the center of the sleep sack to give access to cock and balls. This immediately worked for @Muscle_dog, and he immediately got a raging hardon. 

For the edging, I used water-based lube for the head of his cock. And silicone lube for the shaft. 

My own balls don’t respond well to CBT. But I really try to make this work for others. I have the most recent practice with pulling and squeezing of balls. @Muscle_dog later referred to this appreciatively as crushing. 

I knew that pulling and squeezing on their own wouldn’t be satisfying.  So ahead of time I prepared for smacking his balls. I had a small wooden spoon ready for this purpose. Ahead of time, I had reminded myself how hard to smack by practicing against the inside of my forearm.  I was pleased with the results of smacking @Muscle_dog’s balls. 

On a couple occasions, I very intentionally left @Muscle_dog in the bondage, without touching him at all. This is called “letting the bondage bake” and intensifies the feeling of the bondage. This is especially important for an edging scene. I did watch while he unsuccessfully tried to rub his cock against the inside of the sleep sack.

Eventually it was time to let @Muscle_dog cum, and I brought him to a wet orgasm. I held and pulled his balls tightly while he came. I held his cock and balls for the full duration of his orgasm, waiting until his hips stopped thrashing and his cock stopped flexing. 

I left @Muscle_dog alone to allow him to wallow in the afterglow. 

I toyed with the idea of extracting a second load from @Muscle_dog. But as the orgasm faded, his body tightened up and I chose to release him from bondage. 

As always, some things could have gone better. It is by understanding these things that we improve. 

I had muscle dog lay down before threading his arms through the sleeves of the sleep sack; I should have done this while he was sitting upright. 

Before the scene, I misjudged where his hips and cock would be, so ended up leaving too much space in the tensioning ropes. 

I should have used belts instead of rope, the more concentrated tightness would have helped. 

@Muscle_dog’s balls kept pulling close to his body. This was more difficult to address once my hands were slick with lube. I should have put a cockring on @Muscle_dog to make his balls more available to me. 

I tried using @Muscle_dog as a fuck-stick, sitting on his cock. When we discussed this ahead of time, he warned me that his dick wasn’t as responsive to anal. I assumed wrongly that his cock would get harder once he was inside me.  I was wrong. If I was going down this path, I should have gotten his cock harder first. During penetration I should have focused his mind, possibly with a hand holding the gas mask to force his gaze. I should have relaxed my ass to where he would easily slide right in. His cock did feel good inside me, but wasn’t going to improve the scene, so I moved on.

It was a good scene and a great experience. Judging by the intensity of the orgasm, I think @Muscle_dog agreed. 

I look forward to further play with him.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

now on JustFor.Fans

I signed up to post content on JustFor.Fans at https://JustFor.Fans/happyfrosh

I can’t deny that there’s an element of peer pressure at work.  A large fraction of our group of friends posts to at least one of the fans sites.  A lot of it is really hot, and these friends really enjoy the JustForFans hobby.

Mostly this seems like an extension of what was already happening in my life. I used to take a lot of still photos.  At one point I was taking ~1000 photos a month in the dungeon.  A lot of them were really good.  Most of the good ones are here on this blog.

Blogging has been challenging over the long term.  I have had 5 different platforms lose my content in some way or another. (I will not be taking down or pay-walling this blog, or the contained very hot historical content, but my ability to fix now now-broken links is limited.)  The paid services have a real incentive to keep content available, so I am hopeful that this could be a more permanent home.

On a side note, a hard drive failure left publicly posted content as my only backup. So, I treasure what had been publicly posted extra.  

I did experiment with video in the past.  Video and screenshots from the fisheye camera in the ceiling of the dungeon have been on this blog.  I did get explicit consent for video.  In addition, actual permanent warning signs were at every entry to the home and the door to the dungeon.  But these do not meet the requirements for paid sites, so I am largely starting over.

Video is still challenging for me. I am still struggling to create the storytelling that used to be easy in live scenes and in photos.  

My old video was usually unedited except for selecting a beginning and end of the scene.  While I was comfortable with photo editing software, video editing software is a different beast.  It is frustrating that Adobe uses different metaphors and conventions for stills and videos.  But I know that soon I will be able to make the editing software do what I want, and the only limitation will be my own awkward stylistic choices.

I know the practice that it takes to make video editing software an extension of me.  I have been re-editing the same scenes over and to make my actions smoother.  This is reminiscent of building the same Lego bunny sculpture over and over, or practicing my bondage rope up-lines blindfolded.

It does feel really good to return to content.

Everybody needs a hobby. 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Kinky sex is a hack on sex

Kinky sex is intense. And fun. But, I don’t think many people stop to examine how, or why, it works. 

It resembles the storytelling and theatre of a magic trick, including some requirement of suspension of disbelief. The language of kinky sex uses metaphors and shorthand.

The metaphor thing is pervasive. Traditionally in magic is built on the idea “like unto like”. And this carries to kinky headspace. People dressed as slaves are treated as slaves. Floggings are treated as though they are serious. rope bondage is assumed to be secure, often without being tested. 

There’s a sense of wonder at the end of the magic trick. The payoff of kinky sex is a feeling of profound sexuality, an intensity of orgasm, or a feeling of belonging. 

This type of subterfuge for a special result is also the basis of computer hacking; determining and exploiting the assumptions, simplifications, metaphors and proxies. With unexpected inputs yielding unexpected outputs.

It’s almost like magic.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Making Porn Is Like Riding a Bicyle

It may be time to revisit porn. 

A friend, JesseColtSoCal, asked us to shoot some of the video for OnlyFans and JustForFans content he was going to be in.

JesseColtSoCal came over to my home early to prepare.  He turned down an offer of gear and equipment, relying the simplicity of nude bodies on a bed. 

JesseColtSoCal started unpacking his gear bag, and set up stand lights around the bed.  He mostly kept to direct lighting. 

The other performer BigCoach8x8 arrived and was ready to begin.

BigCoach8x8 had a clearer vision of what he was looking for in the scene. He gave a practiced set of instructions in how he would like the scene photographed. 

It wasn’t until I much later, when I read BigCoach8x8’s profile on OnlyFans, that I actually understood that his stage name was not about sports roleplay, but about giving constructive feedback (plus a not-subtle brag about penis size).

His instructions about photography were very much performed as coaching, both educating and trying to assure that he’d get what he needed. 

The performers got ready.  Action began.

I don’t have much experience taking video.  I have a lot of experience taking still photographs. I did a lot of dungeon photography a while back.  More recently, my pictures have been mostly long lens photographs, primarily of adorable animals in the wild.

So taking video was a challenge.  As always in a tight space, everything and everyone is in the way of everything and everyone else. The two A-camera operators struggled to keep out of each others’ shots, and out of the view of the B-cameras.  Moving around the stand lamps was complicated by the legs of the stand lamps, and the cords of the lights.

For my dungeon still photographs, I was normally photographing boys in bondage.  These are an easy subject because they don’t move much.  Long-lens photography is also somewhat simple, because moving the cameraman (mostly) doesn’t affect the shot (modulo obstructions between the cameraman and subject).

I should have done a little bit more homework, understanding the shots that were desired. While I had seen video from the performer’s previous encounter, that was a simple fixed camera shoot. I didn’t understand the tradeoffs that BigCoach8x8 was willing to make around known good shots versus potentially risky shots with a larger potential payoffs. 

There was fucking and cum.

I did have to be guided once by BigCoach8x8 into a shot that would fully obscure one of the B-cameras and into the sight lines of the other A-camera. 

I have seen the A-camera video and I am pleased with the attempt. I have not seen the B-camera video. So I haven’t seen how the angles will interact with each other. But I am content with my work. 

There are decisions I wish I could change. A white pillow on the black sheets got in the way and was visually distracting. I should have wrapped the cord around the shaft of the lamp to keep it out of the way. I should have used gaffers tape to control the cords to the floor. 

I should have set up a fixed position for the mirror-less Canon.  The color on the Canon is beautiful. This would have given particularly good video of the tightening of the top’s buttocks during a deep thrust.

I suspect that indirect lighting would have been better for this scene, which would have made the flesh appear richer and more supple. 

It was a fun learning experience. It reminded me how much I missed this sexually charged world. There will be more. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The PSP Playground

I moved from Seattle to PalmSprings, CA. 

PalmSprings is a playground. 

I am surprised at how much pornography is visible around. Hardcore porn plays nonstop at the local bar, TheBarracks. Vinyl signs for a local studio adorn the walls of the bar. 

A few friends are quite eager to talk about their former studio porn careers.  A bunch are quite eager to talk about their OnlyFans and JustForFans work.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For each person that talks about their studio porn career, there are two who are discreet about theirs.  For every OnlyFans content creator that are chatty, there’s at least one that is quiet.

There are scenes that I jacked-off to when I was a twink, for which I now realize I know some of the performers.

There are BoundInPublic scenes that I was in the audience for that I now realize I know some of the stars.

There are BoundGods scenes that I wrote posts about on this blog, that I now realize I know some of the stars.

The more I’m in PalmSprings, the more I realize that porn has been surrounding me the entire time.  I was just oblivious.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

a new home

I moved from the CapitolHill neighborhood of Seattle to Tukwila.  The new place is amazing, but I traded a great dungeon for great parking.

It's taken a while to setup and feel comfortable in the space.

I miss the hard points in the ceiling of the old dungeon.  As a temporary workaround I ordered a sling stand from FortTroff.  This was a late night purchase; it turned out that SoundsFun had separately ordered a similar sling stand the same evening.  He canceled his order.  OffTopic: the new FortTroff sling stand seems safer than other versions.  The diamond shape to the center points seem to eliminate single points of failure in other sling stand designs.  I'm pleased.

We had worked up to a full scene.  We had a small party.  There was play.  But it was light. 
Last night we had our first significant play-date.

The boy had an intense rubber fetish.  So spent the evening dressed from head to toe in rubber.  The bondage was performed in ways to not damage the rubber.

At various fetish events I've gotten to play with boys in rubber.  Ropework does seem to work on top of rubber with a couple conditions.  Synthetic rope doesn't shed fibers.  If the ropes are placed at their final tightness it doesn't pull and tear the rubber.  It's a bit more work, but brilliant white rope looks really good on black rubber.  Somehow I've gotten off the topic of last night...

The workout bench is a comfortable form of bondage for me.  I enjoy working with this.  Chaining limbs together makes tugs on one restraint reinforce the bondage on other limbs.  This makes me happy.  While in this position the boy mentioned that he hadn't cum for four days.  We edged him to about three strokes away from orgasm a couple times.

He had sensitive nipples.  Openings in the rubber suit provided access.

boy in rubber chained to workout bench
After a while we moved him to the spanking bench.  (The spanking bench came from bdgSales while they were still doing work.  I miss them.  I've wanted to shave ~2 inches from the bottom of the bench to make it more appropriate for my height, but don't want to risk damaging one of the last benches they produced.)

We played with his butt.  He sucked our dicks.

There was an electro butt plug.  It was initially used as just an insertable.  Then it was vibrated with a Hitachi wand.  SoundsFun used the butt plug with an E-stim box.

The boy made good noises

boy strapped to spanking bench
FortTroff sling stand in the background.
Then we moved him to the cage.  A heavy steel collar was fitted onto his neck.  Humane restraints connected his limbs to the sides of the cage.  And the venus2000 was attached to his dick.  He was close to cumming when he was placed in the cage.  A slow stroke from the machine kept him hard and attentive.  I slowly increased the intensity while keeping him below the level of cumming.  At first he just moaned.  Then he started to beg.  Then he started to whimper.  Then he earnestly begged.  He earnestly begged to be made to cum.

The venus2000 can be a bit like a Chinese water torture. The edging torture could have worked a little bit better with a little less human contact to focus the attention more intently on the penis.

This earnest begging was what I was listening for.  There's nothing like it.  It's raw and powerful and beautiful.  It's intoxicating.

He was brought to a wet orgasm that caused convulsions up and down his body.

I was proud of our work.

boy chained to sides and back of cage

Thursday, January 30, 2014

bedroom play

SoundsFun and I tried having sex in the bedroom.

There have been some good orgasms.  This was the first that was captured in HD.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

porn and sex

Home porno video is more difficult to capture than the stills I had been taking.

I got a fisheye video camera.  I posted notice outside dungeon the and large notice outside the door to the house.

It turns out that I get really turned on by watching these home movies of my play.

In December I came home from the gym while SoundsFun was having good sex.  A while later he shared the video of the encounter.  A while after that he gave a narrative of what happened while we were watched the video. 
Still frame of the video of SoundsFun's good sex. (bottom's face is blurred for privacy)
This got me excited.

I was amazed at how much like actual porn the encounter looked.  And some of the things that I had seen in porn made sense for the first time. 
SoundsFun described the reasons involving sexual methodology to explain some of the body positioning that I had previously assumed was for the camera.  Some of the toy use finally made sense.

And that led me on an unexpected journey.

I've spent some time working to get slightly larger things, including SoundsFun's 9.5" penis into my ass.

For several of these we took video for quality assurance and training purposes.

Some of the video has turned out spectacularly well. 

We started out repeating some of the good sex that started the journey.
soundsFun fucks happyfrosh in the sling

But it also became clear that we should also involve some play outside the dungeon.
SoundsFun and happyfrosh


This has required a bit of role re-evaluation.  Topping bondage while bottoming for sex is awkward but fun.
A very large butt plug and chains and restraints made this experience memorable.
soundsFun used as a fuckstick by happyfrosh

Some has involved fairly vanilla sex in the dungeon using dungeon style equipment.  I'm not really sure if this counts as kinky sex.
SoundsFun fucks happyfrosh on the spanking bench

happyfrosh fucks SoundsFun on the spanking bench

frame capture from happyfrosh and soundsFun first high-def video
The journey will continue.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two tops and a bottom walk into a dungeon

The holidays bring a lot of new people into town.  From places that I seldom get to visit.
A nice man from NewYork hit me up on Scruff from a profile mentioning leather.  A couple messages back and forth and we found each other on recon.  I realized that he had also contacted soundsFun.  So I set up some play for the three of us together.
I studied the pics on his recon profile and tried to look for types of play that weren't in the pics.  Given a described interest in "Cbt, nipple play, spanking, ass play, poppers, edging, oral, getting fucked, groups..." I had enough wiggle room to play some of it by ear.
Negotiation made it clear that actual sex had been involved in his favorite BDSM experiences.
Play started on the floor with some handcuffs.
Play continued with some chain floor bondage with some light sexual touching.

This moved into a rope suspension in the chair position.  There was some light sexual touching and a few insertable toys. 
On a side note, recent conversations with straight rope enthusiasts have made it clear that gay anal sex in rope bondage is more difficult than straight vaginal sex in rope bondage.
I put the boy into storage by simply connecting his wrists to a wall hard point.  As I left the boy alone as soundsFun and I restaged the dungeon he kept looking up at me searching for approval. 
We staged the lacing table in the center of the room and the bondage stool at the front edge.
Some fucking happened in preparation for a large electro butt plug being inserted into his ass.
We moved him onto the lacing table with the large butt plug still inside him, and hooked him up to an ErosTek.
The lacing table is hung from the ceiling with chains and shockles.  It gives a very comfortable floating feeling.  It allowed the table to sink slightly as we took turns climbing onto the table to straddle the boy's face.

The boy came to a powerful orgasm.
It had been a while since soundsFun and I had shared a bottom.  We read each other well and the play is quite smooth.  This scene we quite intentionally took turns leading and following each other.  We would do light cleaning passes through the dungeon and so all of the play felt polished.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

small spreader bar to the floor

I saw some interesting bondage photos on tumblr.
I've had some good luck improvising with my current equipment to recreate photos I like.
For this one I used my small spreader bar.  The small spreader bar is really great for things like the sleepsack suspensions.  In that way I feel like I've gotten my value from this piece of equipment.  Any additional uses is bonus.
Restraining the wrists and ankles to the small spreader bar and connecting this to a floor point standing but bent over worked and seemed very fuckable.

I asked him to lower himself to the floor.  The position was again fuckable.  I was a little disappointed that there was enough slack for him to touch his cock. 
Attaching his neck to a floor point removed all of the slack in the system.  A small enough padlock connecting the eyebolt to the collar made me confident that the eyebolt itself wouldn't dig into his flesh.

I will be back here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

blowjob video

Before we met a boy volunteered that he'd like me to take photos and video.  I've never really taken video.  My first attempt left something to be desired.

The video quality isn't great, but still it got me all sorts of excited. The boy got excited watching the video too. 

Despite the poor video quality I'm going to share it.  The part of the scene that it captures was magical. 

The boy is doing a great job sucking my cock.  I pull him off my cock.  A handful of strokes.  I ask him whether he wants my cum.  The boy says "yes, Sir".  I guide him by the shoulder back onto my cock.  I press the center of his back as I cum down his throat.  The boy comes up to say "thank you, Sir".  I tuck my thumb under his collar to guide him back to my dick.  Afterwards I tell the boy to roll onto his back and relax.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I had a great time at Delta2013.  It was great to see this very kinky group of friends.

I had some interesting scenes planned out without knowing who the other party was.  In previous years I had done some very nice rope suspension bondage.  I haven't been doing as much rope bondage recently.  This made some negotiation a little more difficult.

The rope bondage that I did the first evening was a bit sloppy.  I attached one of the main uplines to the wrong ring of the spreader bar.  Retying would have been awkward.  I never got the balance right afterwards.  It was visually interesting, but a lot more strenuous than it could have been on the bottom.

But I felt that I redeemed myself the first morning with the horizontal chain suspension on codyTx.  I managed to have the scene evolve from a simple set of manacles into a beautiful elaborate mid-air edging scene.


This year was temperature hot and I topped most of my scenes dressed just in underwear and barefoot.  I was dripping sweat by the time I finished the staging and the scene started.  By the end of the chain suspension scene my sweat had pooled into a puddle in the middle of his back.

I bottomed for a wonderful rope scene.

There was a cute young boy wandering around in chastity.  His friends pushed him to a scene with me, expecting something rope.  I felt that I did something much much better.  The boy was delivered without chastity, but had been instructed by his dominant not to cum, and was told that he would be punished if he did.  I started out with some very simple chain work.  As he neared orgasm the first time I reminded him that he had restriction on his orgasm, and that he would be punished if he came, but that I would not be punished.
He initially wasn't interested in actual sex.  In previous years actual sex had been rare throughout the event. I sorta wanted the shock value and vulnerability of actual sex in the main dungeon.
I incorporated an electro butt plug.  I used the electro well below the threshold of pain.  I got the boy aroused and close enough to orgasm often enough that I coaxed him to very publicly beg to be fucked.
It was awesome.  I think that it will be the emblematic scene for his delta.


I made a serious mistake during another scene.  In the center of the room I needed AC power.  I used an extension cord to a wall outlet.  I didn't realize until it was too late that the extension cord ended up running through a different scene.  And created a trip hazard.  I realized afterwards that the trip hazard was probably the most dangerous thing in the dungeon at the time.  I got away with it.  Nobody tripped. 

After a cocktail party I did a very mild finger bondage.  I did good work.

I did a very nice belt suspension.  I've been liking belts for bondage.

I brought about 100lbs of gear in my checked luggage.  And therefore had to squeeze all of my clothes into my carry-on luggage.  I started by planning out a number of fun scenes and packing the gear for them.
Many of my favorite scenes use very different sets of gear.  This gave luggage that was too heavy to be manageable.  Next time I really need to plan a common and lightweight set of gear and then plan scenes around this more limited set of gear.

I had a wonderful trip.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the pup's face pic

The phrasing that I use before play is: "What pictures may I take? What pictures may I post?"

Most people are okay with me taking any photos.  Some people ask that their face not be posted.  Some people ask that identifiable tattoos not be posted. 

I try really hard not to add any pressure to any answer to these questions. 
Mostly I work within these bounds.

Occasionally I capture a perfect picture that falls outside these negotiated bounds.  And I need to follow up with special requests of the boy.

I think that mostly people are afraid of sketchy seedy incriminating looking photos.  Mostly when I follow up with special requests and show the photos that I want to post, the subjects are delighted to see these special photos get distributed. 

Tonight I got permission to post one of these special request photos.  To me this photo captures everything that is right and good about bondage.

pup in gear bondage